5 Tips to Help you Travel Hassle-Free this Fall

Let’s be honest about the current state of affairs for travelers. In some degrees travel is easier and more convenient than ever. In other ways, travel is more of a hassle than ever. Yes, we can fly coast-to-coast at barely a moment’s notice, but that comes with security, bag fees, and all sorts of different traveler problems that only frequent travelers truly understand.

Given these conditions, how is someone who’s out of practice travel-wise going to expect to have a hassle-free trip this Fall? Well, there’s no way you can ever eliminate all travel hassle. After all, traveling is like taking a trip into life, and life is unpredictable. But you can minimize the hassle by following these five handy tips and planning for your trip ahead of time. Here’s what to do.

Tip #1: Know Your Airline’s Baggage Rules
Does the airline you’re using charge extra fees for what you’re planning to bring on the plane? Then start going through your luggage and find out if there’s some way you can minimize the cargo you’re bearing. It’s generally best not to check bags if you want to avoid extra fees and hassle, so here’s a handy traveler tip: if you can fit everything you need into a carry-on bag, do it. And make sure you know the right size of the bag before you go to the airport; some stores will advertise bags as being carry-on ready.

Tip #2: Keep it Simple
If you’re going to be going through airline security, you’re going to want to make it as easy as possible to put all of your appropriate luggage on the conveyor belt and put it all back on at the end. The rule for keeping this process simple? Keeping everything simple. Wear simple clothes, keep accessories to a minimum or stored away in your luggage, and get ready to take your shoes off.

Tip #3: Make a Checklist and Stick to It
Heck, make a clipboard so you feel more like a drill sergeant preparing for an invasion. Okay, maybe you don’t need to be that strict, but you do need to have a checklist of all the things you absolutely need to bring: money, credit cards, identification, travel confirmations, airline tickets. Beyond these basic items, don’t worry so much. But do worry that you have all the necessities in tow.

Tip #4: Bring Entertainment
One of the biggest hassles about traveling is the down time. Stuck on a long flight? Bring something to read. Stuck in the airport? We hope your laptop has interesting games on it. And that leads us to our final tip…

Tip #5: Have Fun
Hassle, after all, is all in the mind. If you don’t let anything bother you, then it’s not going to bother you. Take on each challenge with a positive attitude and declare it out loud: you’re going to have fun! Just don’t shout it out loud while going through airport security.

Carrie Thompson is a marketing strategist for Myrtle Beach Resorts, a group of remarkable resorts that offer true value in tandem with luxury and amenities. If vacationers are looking for fun, they’ll find it.  If they want a peaceful quiet rest, they’ll find that as well. There are even spectacular golf courses that you can find bundled up in golf vacation packages. Come and stay, and come back again.

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