Austin Race Roundup: 55 Days til the USGP!

September 24, 2012: 55 days until the United States F1 Grand Prixare you ready? In today’s Roundup, learn how to find a place to stay, plan out your race weekend calendar, know how to get around Austin… but most importantly, get ready for a great time in Austin, Texas! Want to help us add to this page? Please leave your tips in the comment section below!

Hopefully you have accommodations for Grand Prix weekend already. If not, don’t worry – there are still hotels, RV sites, campgrounds, and private homes available to rent for Austin’s F1™ weekend. They are moving fast, so try to secure lodging quickly.

Hotel booking tips for Austin’s Grand Prix Race:

  • Search for 3-5 nights at a time. Many hotels are not allowing single-night bookings. Some hotels are charging less for longer stays.
  • Monday, November 19th will be a very busy day at the Austin Airport because F1 visitors will be leaving and Thanksgiving travel will begin. Consider staying until at least Tuesday the 20th. (ABIA – Airport Customs info for International Travelers)
  • Search outside of Austin if you can’t find an economical price. We have some suggestions for towns and cities less than 3 hours from Austin that may have Grand Prix-weekend hotels at better prices.

Grand Prix Parties!

We also want to help you plan out your race weekend schedule. There will be hundreds of events happening in and around Austin, ranging from free and family-friendly, like the Austin Fan Fest, to extravagant nightlife ultra-lounges with top-notch table service, such as Lounge 88. These and many, many others are included on Austin Race Events, our “Unofficial Grand Prix Social Calendar.” Sign in with Facebook to stay updated!

Austin Race Weekend Travel

Next up – let’s discuss the hot topic of Grand Prix transportation. So far, there are two shuttle stops, a bike “depot,” and parking lots set up by the Circuit of the Americas. In addition, there will be taxis, limos, and other shuttle buses to and from the track. The City of Austin has set up a website with the most up-to-date transport information: Organizers are working with the Circuit to keep you updated on what will be available, where. There may be a shuttle stop south of Austin, plus the city of Buda is offering affordable race-weekend shuttle transport (but seating is limited).

Counting down to F1 in Austin

Major events this week in the world of top-tier racing. The Singapore Grand Prix, which is also the only night race, has just wrapped up with Vettel finishing first. This is one of the longest, most difficult races for the drivers each year, in addition to dealing with a completely upside-down sleep schedule. Singapore gave us a spectacle – the entire city surrounding the street circuit was lit up, and the race finished with a huge display of fireworks. Austin’s got a lot of examples to follow when it comes to displaying a city in the best light possible (pun intended)!

The Formula 1 Provisional 2013 calendar was “leaked,” and Austin’s tentatively marked for November 17th. Also, the MotoGP Provisional 2013 calendar has been released, and Austin is not on it – but there are two empty spaces in April that are yet to be confirmed. We are hoping for an April MotoGP race in Austin, but we have to wait a bit longer to find out for sure. Last year, the 2012 provisional calendar was edited as late as December, so MotoGP fans will still have a chance at watching this great bike sport at the Circuit of the Americas.

That’s all for this roundup – remember to leave your tips about events, tickets, lodging, transport, or other racing goodness in the comments below!


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