Austin’s 2011 F1 Season

The last race is over, the champion driver has been decided, and we’ve reached the end of the 2011 Formula One race calendar. For most F1 fans, the season is over, but in Austin we’re still holding out for one large and very important decision – will our city host The 2012 US Grand Prix?

Unless you’ve not been following this drama, you’ll know that the decision is to be made within hours days (see below). It is our hope that we’ll have a 2012 race, but it’s true that a postponement to 2013 would allow the circuit time to extend their construction timeline, a few more hotel rooms to be built, and more private rental homes* to be available. The general infrastructure will be more complete in 2013, there will be more businesses surrounding the Elroy area to compliment the Circuit of the Americas, and we’ll have more time to educate Austin about F1 in general.

However, before we get to that, let’s look back at the fun Austin F1 fans had this year. We had a ton of events and there are now two locations in town that host free F1 watch parties. In addition, there were more meet & greets at Wild Bubba’s, track tour days at the Circuit of the Americas, dozens of social media groups and other good stuff that proves that there is a very healthy grassroots F1 fan base in Texas. Not only that, but Formula One has already made an impact on Austin – and the track isn’t even paved yet.

Many photos of F1 events are in our blog section, but the slideshow above has some snapshots to highlight the 2011 Austin F1 Social Season.

The Austin American-Statesman published a timeline listing events in the last 30 days that have brought us to this point. Here’s our visualization of their data:



* – future vacation rental listing site

Model photo credit: Art Nunes


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