Formula One Breaks Ground in Austin: Small, Yet Monumental

Today at the future Formula One location in Elroy, TX: Drilling machines, excavators, and other heavy machinery have begun to change the landscape of southeast Austin with a small groundbreaking. This afternoon, workers were taking core samples and preparing the US Grand Prix site for 2011 construction. The path of the 3.4 mile course has been laid through the countryside fields. Though not a media-ready groundbreaking event, today’s activity is what many US F1 fans and developers have been holding their breath for. Below is a short video from the Austin American-Statesman showing some of the machines at work and a hint of the track layout:

Yesterday, I drove around the perimeter of the site while on the way to visit the guys at Wild Bubba’s Wild Game restaurant. They are also preparing for a positive surge of growth in and around Elroy. Therefore, we at Austin Race Hotels cannot stress enough the importance of starting the development process now if you, dear readers, are going to build around the area.  Those of you who have come to this site looking for hotels will find it beneficial to continue to visit as the date nears. The small groundbreaking today provides a surge of confidence for local hoteliers, many of whom will be offering deals and hosting events during track days, races, and other circuit events. It’s our goal to collect this information and provide it to you as the race nears.

Here’s to a fantastic 2011.

Photo by Vance Facundo // Visit Friends of Formula 1, Austin TX on Facebook

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