Tavo Hellmund: Speaking about USGP at TEDxAustin

Earlier this year, Tavo Hellmund was invited to speak at the TEDxAustin Conference (Technology Entertainment Design). He explained how the Grand Prix track will benefit not only Austin, but the surrounding communities. Take a look:

In this video, the design of the circuit is called the “closest to the classic Grand Prix tracks from thirty years ago that’s legally able to be built today,” with high-speed corners and modern safety. It’s also going to be one of the few tracks in the US that viewers will be able to see the entire circuit at once because of the elevation. In addition, he compares this project to building an entire city – not only the infrastructure, but with technology and education components. Overall, it’s a great explanation of how and why this new development will be an excellent, world-class facility. (No mention of an on-site hotel, but we’ll keep you updated!)

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