Formula One Technology

So much to learn about Formula One – how to do it? Let’s start with this fun infographic that details all the ins and outs of F1 teams.

Guest contribution by Louis Rix

Well the 2012 Grand Prix season has kicked off in immense style with Jenson Button racing home to victory in the Australian Grand Prix!

Have you ever had any questions in your mind such as – How much does it cost to run an F1 Car? How much do the team drivers get paid? How much does an engine cost to replace? If so, this unbelievable infographic sheds light on the goings on behind the F1 scenes.

Racers can be paid up to and over £12,000,000 ($19,000,600) per year! What would you do with that type of money? I’d by myself a few holiday homes for sure. However, team members & pit crew salaries start from just £24,000 ($38,000) – I’d imagine the perks of the job make up for it though as you get to travel the world (for free) and take in all the sun, sea, sand, women and high octane racing. WOW – it’s making me jealous just thinking of it.

Anyway I digress – please feast your eyes on this magnificent infographic. Enjoy!

click image to enlarge & zoom in

F1 Infographic

Wow – after taking all those amazing facts on board a huge thanks has to go to and for collaborating that stunning F1 infographic.


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